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Will Atomic Power Pakistan be Taliban State?

Before general Zia Ul Haq took over Pakistan it was a semi secular state. after the invasion of Afghanistan he jumped on the opportunity to get money from CIA, and so CIA Islam was established in Pakistan.
It was martial law and he needed the support of US to stay in office, in return he agreed to fight against Russia (Then USSR).
So far so good, because no one was bothered what the out come will be. Pakistanis were taught Islam every day over the media and religious people were rewarded in terms of cash or work. The un educated were declared educated the killers were declared Hero's the secular were punished, all this and the CIA was supportive, and afghan war Lords were roaming the streets of Pakistan like owners of an estate on their own turf.
A whole new force was created with the will,wish and urge to fight, nothing but fight, fine it was a great strategy to fight USSR, and the USSR was thrown out of Afghanistan.
Now comes the fun part, all the war lords had nothing to do, with their armies at hand and no money to feed them, they decided to be the presidents of Afghanistan.
Now Afghanistan couldn't have 10 or 20 presidents so again it went to war. people got sick of the Mujaheddin and no-law land, so there came the force of Taliban, speedy justice for the poor and cut throat laws, the dwellers of Afghanistan were so sick of Mujaheddin(flag carriers of CIA Islam) that they greeted Taliban's as saviours and boy they were wrong.
Now as i have given you a brief history of Taliban in Afghanistan and how they come in being, we go to Pakistan.
General after general ruling Pakistan came General Musharraf, again to get support for his illegal rule he spotted an opportunity after 9/11 how to get support for his illegal presidency.
Instead of Playing the Islam card he played the secular game, but under hand he was supporting Taliban's to get support of US for his presidency and country too as an ally in war against terror.
now Musharraf gone Taliban's have no money to support their armies so they started taking over towns in Pakistan and enforcing their Laws, they do have public support, even the secular and some what supporting Islamic Laws, Just for one reason. SPEEDY JUSTICE.
If the govt: of Pakistan do not provide Justice to its citizens.
It will not be long that they (The TALIBAN) will take over Pakistan in no time.

Now its for you to decide, Will an Atom power Pakistan be a Taliban state in near future?

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No not at all. This all drama being played by Pakistan n probably by USA. It is just a deceptive picture. If Pakistan wants this picture would be blurred just only by a click.
I can send some document which can lead u to a true scene.

Here is the document I have received from one of my readers

The Anarchy in the triumvirate of Taliban, Pakistan & Afghanistan

The Afghan revolution turned into a fiasco for known and documented reasons. The anarchy that has engulfed Afghanistan since 1978, is now spreading into neighboring Pakistan. The numerous analysis highlight the happenings from the perspective of the individual or the institution doing the analysis. An objective analysis should clear the mind of Pakistan’s policy framers to adopt a pragmatic approach (no matter how unpleasant) to get out of the cul de sac they find themselves in. A depressing fact about our mind set is that it is rigidly moulded by the religious obscurantists. These divine contractors know, that it is easy, convenient and effective to advocate hatred and enmity round which a community gets readily glued. The object of hatred could be a state, a nation, a sect or an idea. Just paint it black and it will work. The Afghan revolution of April 1978 was lead by communist element in the Afghan Army. It was an anathema to Americans, an opportunity for Pakistan and a gold mine for clergy of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Zia-ul-Haq painted it black

Space would not permit the narration of events and the causes that lead to the coming in and going out of the regimes that occupied the seat of a dubious and hazy authority in Kabul. Briefly stated the Afghan Revolutionaries governed from April 1978 to January 1980. Soviet Russian occupation lasted from January 1980 to February 1989. Najibullah a Soviet remnant ruled from February 1989 to April 1992. So called Mujahideen occupied the seat from June 1992 to mid 1997. Pakistan backed “Taliban” occupied Kabul from mid 1997 to October 2001 when they were bombed out by USA. President Karzai leading the so called Afghan National government is in Kabul since November 2001 to date (September 2008).

The above governances span over a period of 30 years. The most notable characteristics of these 30 years is the shaking of the very foundations of Afghan state, prevalence of complete anarchy, emergence of powerful norco mafia controlling feeding and maintaining the rule of ‘holy’ war lords.

These war lords about ten to twenty in number each weighs several times his weight in quality diamonds. They all (at least some) wear the respectable gowns of religious piety, have an organization with an Islamic name to brutalize the civil population and their need for anarchy pushes them to decimate even the non combatant organs of the state administration like schools and hospitals.

It is not difficult to imagine the damage to a country where a whole generation has been deprived of education and civility. The damage is incalculable.

Afghanistan is a next door neighbor of Pakistan and historically connected to the sub-continent for centuries. It is the present day Afghanistan which laid the foundation of Muslim rule over India for seven hundred years. The sub-continent was partitioned in 1947 but its common history of centuries with Afghanistan could not be divided or forgotten. It cast its shadow. Afghanistan laid an irredentist claim to the Pakhtun inhabited parts of the newly carved state of Pakistan.

The noise of mistrust and discord resulting from this claim became strident when Afghanistan opposed the entry of Pakistan into the United Nations in August 1947. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have remained strained since 1947 and continue to be so. ‘Strained’ would be euphemism for animosity.

Both Pakistan & Afghanistan tried to destabilize the other, provide refuge to the disgruntled elements of the other, strangulate the economic well being, and do any and all that could harm the other. It is in this perspective that the actions and reactions of the neighbors have to be visualized.

Pakistan’s genuine or feigned alarm of communism knocking at its door was made an excuse to interfere in Afghanistan after the 12 April 1978 happenings (a coup de eta) in Kabul. It resulted in an internal Afghan war. This ultimately resulted in invasion of Afghanistan in 1980 by USSR. Billions of dollars were poured into Afghan war by USA and Saudi Arabia who readily joined the fray and billions were pocketed by the power holders of Pakistan, all in the name of coming to the “aid of a brotherly Islamic country against a heathen foreign invader”. The clergy in Pakistan of all shades especially Jamat-i-Islami could never even imagine the wealth they were entrusted with to fight for ‘Islam’. It was a deluge of dollars. Underground trade in weapons and narcotics created mafias in every organization involved in the so called Jihad. Zia-ul-Haq and Akhtar Abdur Rehman his brother in law the Director General of ISI while gobbling billions stretched a chain of religious Madrassas (numbering hundreds and hundreds) along the entire border with Afghanistan to ”permanently avert the danger of communism creeping into Pakistan”. Religious frenzy in Pakistan was raised to unprecedented height perhaps more to hide their sins of dollar digestion than to serve Islam. Pakistan’s pent up animosity found the opportunity to demolish Afghanistan. It did. Four million Afghan refugees roaming on Pakistan’s side of the border occupied every available empty space, ravines, foothills, hill slopes, canal banks, graveyards, nullahs. The stink it created in localities was unbearable. All this was done in the name of Islam.

Pakistan had organized marauders who would roam freely at night inside Afghanistan, harass, molest and kill villager who were not willing to collaborate with ISI or not willing to migrate.

Four million Afghan nationals migrated to Pakistan. A million went to Iran. East and south of Kabul not a bridge on the road survived in Afghanistan. The Irrigation infrastructure was totally demolished. Whatever little electricity was produced was shut down. The gas pipe line from the North was destroyed. The Russians bombed the villages and the so called Mujahideen destroyed schools, dispensaries, hospitals government offices. All symbols of civilization were demolished and erased including the priceless statues of Bamian (in this case thanks to the courtesy of Taliban).

During the occupation and after the departure of USSR in 1989 the clergy of norco mafia sitting in poppy fields of Helmand valley would loudly recite Quran, and collect their share of produce. This was the Jihad of Ziaulhaq. Barriers were put every 30 km on all the communication arteries to collect taxes. Nobody leaving his house in the morning could be sure of his return in the evening. Inside Pakistan with such an influx of Afghanistan refugees the wages of local labourers got depressed, the rents of houses sky rocketd, the hospitals could not look after the local population as these were thronged by Afghans. Mosques were flooded by Afghans. Each prayer leader reserved a small space for Afghan in his mosque. The madrassas proliferated. Saudi money came. The Islamic chain reaction (the equivalent of atomic chain reaction) started. In 1990 the senseless slaughter had peaked. Alarmed by this madness the writer in February, 1990 cautioned the Pakistani public in a newspaper article “The Mujahideen are most likely to quarrel amongst themselves more so as they see any sign of Najib’s downfall. Should the extremists among them prove to be the victors then extremists of the same shade in Pakistan would find a ready helper and the spillover of Afghan revolution would reach Pakistan thought its colour may not be red but could be worst than the red”. That is exactly what has happened. We are tasting it now. No place in NWFP (except Hazara) is safe from Taliban who are now clients of gangsters, criminals, narco and weapon mafia. NWFP is faced with horrifying situation. It should be quite possible for the well trained, well equipped and well manned Pakistan Army to overcome the TALIBAN if the army would agree and unambiguously directed to do it. The present anxiety and fear of total collapse of normal social life in Pakistan is comparatively a recent event. Its beginning however, dates back to the emergence of TALIBAN in Afghanistan in the end of 1994 and completing their occupation of it September, 1997.

This happened with an unexpected, in fact unimagined, new scene that emerged on the political horizon of the world on 28th December, 1992 when Soviet Union collapsed and fourteen new countries appeared. Of these fourteen, three radically transformed Muslim countries shared a common border with Afghanistan namely Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are oil and gas laden and Tajikistan has water power and aluminum. Turkmenistan was interested and American were eager to see that Turkmenistan diversify its oil and gas market which before the advent of its Independence was Soviet controlled.

Sequent to this an American energy enterprise UNICOL entered into an understanding with Pakistan for a fuel pipe line which was to cross Afghanistan. The main impediment in this venture were the unstable conditions in Afghanistan. Pakistan was making topsy-turvy contacts with the central Asian States to establish some commercial links. These links have unavoidably to pass through Afghanistan. To counter the hostilities with Afghanistan Pakistan from its very birth has been trying to cultivate the religious element in Afghanistan in the hope of using them as its horses in the otherwise hostile Afghanistan. The first such manifestation was its invitation to MULLAH SHOR BAZAAR in 1948 or 1949 to whom it gave a reception normally accorded to the heads of state of friendly countries. Mullah Shor Bazaar was the father of Mujadadi whom Pakistan supported during the Afghan war and became the first president of Afghanistan after the downfall of Najibullah. Its contacts with Mullah Umar a Kandahar based half educated clergy is a continuation of the same policy of dreaming governance over Afghanistan through the route of Islam.

A convoy of Pakistani goods proceeding to Turkmenistan was intercepted by war lords operating on the route. Nasirullah Babar then the minister for interior (1994) in Benazir Government took it upon himself to take the convoy to Turkmenistan with the help of Mullah Umar who was leading a small band of ‘Taliban’ in a Madrassa in his charge. The Taliban showed their muscle to the war lord and the convoy reached Turkmenistan. Pakistani media proclaimed this as a great deed and an idea nurtured that if Taliban can go to Turkmenistan why not to Kabul? Unicol provided 27 million dollars and a march on Kabul was launched. The people in Afghanistan were so fed up with the anarchy of twenty years that they were willing to accept even the devil himself if it could rid them of this anarchy. “Taliban” led by Pakistan with their pocket full of dollars would proceed along the road to offer a few thousand dollars to the band of gangsters of a particular war lord on the way as a “take or fight” offer. Why should the leader of the gangster fight when the offer is handsome and he would become holy overnight and a patriot in the morning to join the holy Taliban end the anarchy and save Afghanistan. Taliban with the covert and overt help of Pakistan marched from QANDAHAR and occupied the whole of Afghanistan except Panjsher valley in the North in a year and a half where the legendry Ahmad Shah Masood (an ethnic Tajik) ruled. In matter of months the fate of a large part of Afghanistan was in the hands of what came to be known as “Taliban”. Taliban are a helter skelter of a people whose parents or guardians dumped them as young children into a religious seminary where they lived free of cost, received some archaic religious teaching, had never seen the affections of family life, remained isolated from the mainstream of populace and lived in the hope that after leaving the seminary they will find a mosque or build one where the Talib will have a residence, a following of faithful, government assistance and be a prayer leader enjoying respectability. With occupation of the seat of power in Afghanistan the Taliban concluded that their reach can be far wider and they can muster the resources of the people and the state.

“Taliban” were reasonably numerous and advantageously indigenous people of Afghanistan. They however, lacked the organizational ability to govern over a historically unruly state like Afghanistan. In this they were greatly helped by OSAMA BIN LADEN who was a devout muslim, son of a Yemen born naturalized SAUDI father, coming from a rich business family, and whom the government of Saudi Arabia was keen to see as a prisoner inside the Kingdom and a man on the run outside the boundaries of the kingdom. Osama Bin Laden reportedly first came to Pakistan and Afghanistan soon after the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union in 1980. His initial activities in Afghanistan were mainly road building, construction of munitions dumps, channelising funds of Saudi charities to Afghan Jihadies and their supporters in Pakistan like Jamat Islami and Madrassa operators like Jamiat-Ulama Islam.

He associated with Hikmatyar who was a protégé of Jamat-i-Islami of Mansoora, Lahore and whose ruthlessness knew no bounds and bordered on insanity. OSAMA financially supported the spread of offices and guest houses of a Peshawar based Organization called Islamic Salvation Foundation which operated outside of ISI’s network and was a conduit for Arab Islamic volunteer fighting in Afghanistan. Osama remained a close supporter of Hekmatyar but had his own following of spirited Jihadi fighters. It was around these Jihadi fighters that he founded Al Qaeda in 1988. Al Qaeda looked beyond the Afghan Jehad to capture power in Islamic countries. Al Qaeda is said to be a successor organization to the one founded by Abdullah Azam a Palestinian Fundamentalist and Founder of Hamas.

OSAMA left Afghanistan for Jeddah in 1990. After the Gulf War (1991) Bin Laden started openly slandering the Royal Saudi family, publishing hundreds of pamphlets castigating the Royal family as illegitimate and advocating the break up of Saudi Arabia. In 1994 his Saudi citizenship was revoked. He was expelled from Sudan where he had a chemical plant (which was bombarded) and took refuge in Afghanistan where he had old connections. His exact where-abouts are not known after September 2001 incidence of New York Trade Center.

OSAMA’s force provided the ruthless hard core of fighters and a good amount of money to provide Taliban the succour they needed to maintain a semblance of the independence of Afghan state. There is a dark side to OSAMAS presence in Afghanistan. His organizational skills are undoubted. He organized his band of Arab and Uzbek warriors, filled their pockets with ample dollars to take local wives, rent houses at rates unthinkable for their owners in the Federally Administered Tribal Area of Pakistan. They were also instructed to be merciless in the cause of Islam as seen by their spectacles of Al Qaeda and not to hesitate killing any one deemed to be opposed to their cause. What is their cause? This cause, as can be understood by laymen is anti. American led Westernisim and anti Shiaism. All said the Taliban rule of four years in Afghanistan owed a good deal to Al-Qaeda. It also finally lead to the downfall of Taliban and ushered in its place a triumvirate of Taliban, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the whole region. It has totally destabilized the North West of Pakistan encompassing an area of 25,000 square miles (40,000sq/kms) with its rumblings felt in Islamabad, Lahore and other areas lying east of Indus.

Situation in areas West of Indus is grave. Internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people has occurred. The population is dazed. The writ of the Government has disappeared. People have lost faith in the country’s viability. Its so called leaders all appear dwarfs to the people. Criminal gangs have become part of Taliban and the Taliban use them for kidnapping and ransom collection. It is now free for all. The interesting part of the situation is that no one in Islamabad seems to be really worried. Probably they are not even aware. The abandon with which the political leadership, the civil bureaucracy and the army are relishing their perks is astounding. Is it following the USSR pattern when the people slept at night and in the morning the 280 million people discovered that Soviet Union is not there.

The above is a narration of events and not of the causes that have led to these results. These causes can be split into two categories. One category would be the fundamental social forces that drives a society and the second would be the vested interests involved who benefit from and have an axe to grind in a particular area, people or a state.

The fundamental cause for the miseries of Pakistan in general and of Pakhtun Society in particular is the unbridled explosion of population and over emphasis on importance of religion in the life of society expelling rationality from the thought process. There can be no hope and there is no hope that the poverty problem can be alleviated unless a start is made to reserve the above two phenomenon. The mouths which should not have been there are already there. Nothing can be done about them. Can the explosion of population be reversed, arrested or reduced? Awareness and realization by people that the existing rate of population increase is a social problem of the first magnitude is the first pre-requisite for any remedy. The natural urbanization process, better education, a paradigm change in social values are needed to make headway towards this intransigent problem. Of course the Chinese model offers the best example. If that seems impracticable, the Indonesian & Malaysian models can be emulated. The second problem of overemphasis on religion is a sensitive issue with lots of vested interests involved. Nothing short of a charismatic leader like Mustafa Kamal can even speak about this issue. Half measures would do no good. To begin with the school syllabus must be rationalized. A textbook of Urdu language should not be a panegyric of ARAB heroes who have nothing to do with Urdu language.

As far the question of Institutions and the players involved in bringing us to our present plight the most notable on the list (in Pakistan) is JAMAT-I-ISLAMI. It provided the intellectual fodder which appealed to the middle class, feudal matriculate minds of Pakistani population limited in numbers but virile in actions. Jamat’s support to military dictators like Zia-ul-Haq, its role as a B-team of ISI and support to the war lords of Afghanistan lead by Gulbadin Hekmatyar and to the present day Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan are important land marks. Jamat saw to it that the most obscurantist interpretations of Islam is given a silver coating (like Maududi’s opposition to birth control and his failure to differentiate between usury and interest) and made a norm of the society. Heroin replaced alcohol, Kalashnikov the progressive debate and rational thought process. A ridiculous type of veil has been introduced by JAMAT. In Saudi Arabia, an orthodox Sunni state, an altogether different kind of veil is worn. In no other muslim land including Iran where a strict observance of Shia Islamic Shariah is practiced can this type of veil be seen.

In Pakistan no major shift like change of syllabus, a de-emphasis on religious propaganda, rationalizing blasphemy law or advent of any secular idea can be promoted. This is how the whole ethos of the society has been conditioned by clergies of Pakistan. How true was Ghalib when he said “Miri Taameer mein muzmir hai ek soorat kharabi ki”.

These are the fundamental impediments to the bold steps that are required for bringing about a paradigm shift. Unfortunately half measures will not do.

The fundamental question is what should Pakistan do if a turn around is to be made. Any move in that direction, would require Pakistan to have tall and bold leaders. They have to be ‘leaders’ not ‘followers’. We need a Messiah, Mehdi.

To begin with, Pakistan must resolve all its complex problems with its eastern and western neighours. The problem of Kashmir may possibly be resolved on the model of Northern Ireland. Both countries should recognize the sovereignty of each over the territories over which they presently exercise suzerainty and control.The two Kashmirs (minu Northern Areas) should have a common Assembly which should have the powers to legislate on all issues other than those which infringe on the sovereignty of Pakistan and India or adversely affect the rights of majority of muslims or of the minority Hindus. A joint council of India and Pakistan should have the power to arbitrate on such issues. Given the will to live like good neighbours there should not be any problem to a solution on these lines.

On the Western border Pakistan has to change its desire to make Afghanistan its vassal state and discard the non sense of strategic depth etc. It should recognize Afghanistan’s right to exist as an Independent State. It would be in Pakistan’s own interest to do so. This recognition has to be a serious state policy and not a spurious press statement.

Pakistan should sign nuclear non proliferation treaty and put to commercial use its nuclear facilities at Kahuta. Our present stock pile of nuclear weapons is enough to ward off any potential threat to its territorial integrity. Such a step should ward off USA to meddle in our nuclear weapons.

It should pursue a long term goal of forming a confederation with India and Afghanistan and avoid confrontation, stand offs and the like.

It should immediately embark on the construction of Bhasha and Kalabagh Dams by bringing such changes in the concepts of these dams as would make them acceptable and attractive to all federating units.

It should adopt a policy of free trade, free movements of people and free intellectual exchanges with all its neighbouring states with which it shares common borders.Get Chitika Premium